Women’s shoes online


We love shoes. We love the feeling you get when you finally lay your eyes on the most perfect pair of shoes after searching for days, weeks, months. We love shoes that turn heads or elicit compliments. We love shoes that elevate your outfit, your confidence, your mood. But we especially love shoes that can do all of this and feel amazing to wear.

Victoria Row began out of a desire to bring fashion-forward, colourful and versatile styles that can be worn every day, not just for dressing up! Just as “nobody puts baby in the corner,” fabulous shoes should never be kept at the back of the closet.

Victoria Row draws inspiration from some of the most admired and chic women - think Carrie Bradshaw x Olivia Palermo x Amal Clooney!  We design for the confident, intelligent and stylish woman, whether she be doing the school run or running the board meeting.

Our shoes are designed in Melbourne, Australia and handmade in China in a small factory that holds itself to the same high quality and ethical standards we do. We use premium materials, trims and hardware, with extra attention paid to comfort and functionality. With limited quantities of each style, Victoria Row offers customers exclusivity and a piece of fashion that won’t be found on every corner. Unlike fast-fashion our small production runs also mean less wastage and impact on the environment.

Every woman deserves to wear fabulous shoes every day and quite simply that’s what Victoria Row is about.